Noah’s Song Basket

I’ve heard that there are kids who just sit with a basket of books from nine months to kindergarten, just thumbing through the pages of book after book.

 Those kids don’t live in my house.

I’ve got book baskets in the kitchen, the bathrooms and my bedroom and even a “library” in the guest room closet. The toy room book nook and the boys’ bookshelves are over-flowing. I keep new and seasonal books on a side table next to the living room couch, hoping my kids will look forward to seeing what’s new and noteworthy. They do and they ask to me to read them. A LOT.

I love reading with Them, but sometimes I’d like to take a shower, make a phone call, prep dinner or read my OWN book and wish the kids enjoyed flipping through books on their own. Since my two-year old loves singing, I quickly put together this song basket a while back with hopes to spur some solo playtime.

I paired Noah’s favorite songs with some recycled toys and household items. He cutely leads his own singalong as he picks up one toy after another.

This is Old MacDonald Had A Farm, fashioned out of animal finger puppets and a cute soap box.

One of my mom’s favorites: How Much is That Doggie in The Window?

This one is obvious.

For less common songs, I attached the lyrics so family, friends and sitters could sing along.

Noah pretends to follow along with his finger and picks out a few letters. Great too for a new reader.

The Pufferbellies

The Firetruck Song

And here’s Over in The Meadow, though we modify it for our summer vacation spot in New Hampshire.

After a few entertaining months, its just about time to retire some of these songs and add Noah’s current favorites, like his adorable Shabbat song repertoire (Challah in the Oven, Bim Bam, Dinosaur Knocking on the Door), Harry Chapin’s Cats in the Cradle (anyone have a dollhouse cradle for me?), and the song from Scholastic’s movie version of  Chick-Chicka ABC.

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  1. This is a wonderful idea! Just posted about it on Craft Gossip! I am going to ask my girl’s tomorrow what their favorite songs to sing are, and then make one for them too

  2. You are brilliant! This is a great idea. Sometimes kids just don’t want to “sit” and read books. I love that you attached the tag with lyrics for family members that may not know the song!


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