Bear in The Kitchen

If you woke up in my house on Tuesday morning, this is what you would have seen upon entering the kitchen.

At golf tournaments, some people “win” (and by “win,” I mean, bid on or buy) vacations, new putters and sports memorabilia.

My husband Scott “wins” things like this five-foot stuffed grizzly bear. And a years’ worth of ice cream from the bankrupt ice-cream company Friendly’s which has sadly closed many of our local stores.

What would you do with a five-foot stuffed bear in your house?

First, we cuddled.

For breakfast, we had greek yogurt parfaits with strawberries (and M&Ms, gummies & sprinkles). I wasn’t withholding the ice-cream; it just hadn’t arrived yet.

Then, we played hide-and-seek.

Bear’s next hiding spot led him to the basement. He fell down the stairs, so of course, we admitted him to the ER.

He was measured and weighed and received a full work-up.


Who says iPhones aren’t educational? In an instant, we learned that our Kodiak bear was an Alaskan Grizzly bear, also known as an American Brown Bear.  Adults are typically 5 feet tall (accurate!!) and can weigh over 1,000 pounds (ours weighed about 7). I skimmed the part about cannibalism be a leading cause of cub death.

We filled out his chart.

He had no discernible heartbeat, so naturally, we brought in the “crash cart” and defibrillator (another dad-introduced novelty).

When he was stable, we played circus (Step RIght Up and Wrestle a Brown Bear) and more hide-and-seek.  Bear was pretty much a running (and very well-behaved) playdate all day.  Scott detoured ever so slightly on the way home to pick up the first of the many gallons of ice cream expected in our home this year.

Which led us to naming Bear. Purple Cow. Naturally.

Who will you examine today?  In case you don’t have an Alaskan Grizzly at home, I’ve collected a few great charts to print for your doctor’s office:

Prescription & Chart Forms (from Kids Have Fun)

Emergency Doctor Form (from Growing Play)

Eye Chart

Make Your Own X-Ray Craft

Vet Clinic Forms (from Ikat Bag)

Manhattan Toy Kodiak Bear AWESOMELY Donated By Kiddlywinks Toy Store.

Ice Cream, Sundae Bowls, Extra Long Spoons, Toppings & A Year of Ice Cream AWESOMELY Donated by Friendlys Ice Cream.

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  1. Kim says:

    Best post ever!!! Hysterical. I hope Purple Cow travels.

  2. Barbara Sadowsky says:

    How cute! The boys look so happy! For everyone’s information the bear was donated to the golf tournament by Kiddly Winks! I can’t wait for Joy to read this one!

  3. bonnie says:

    I love Purple Cow!

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