Father’s Day — From The Kids

Father’s Day is next weekend.  So far, I’ve spent $42 on cards and that’s pretty much it.  I’ve come across a slew of great homemade father’s day gift ideas from the kids (with a little help from mom). Take your pick…  And if you are still trying to think of a special end-of-the year teacher’s gift from your child or the class, many of these double up nicely as well.

1. Americana Theme: Ryan’s class had a great Father’s Day breakfast last week, where the kids presented Dads with small batch production of BBQ sauce the TK class made with the two-year old Tiger class (hence, Tiger Kitchen BBQ labels) and these adorable hand-stitched baseball cards.

I love this cardboard Dad Trophy (yes! more metallic spray paint!!) by SmART Class.

2. Fingerprint/Handprint Art – Make your mark with Fingerprint Heart Art (large heart as seen on Love Them Madly, small hearts spotted on The Craft Nest) and Handprint Art (cutout art by Nanny Goat, tree template by Personalized Prints).  

3. All About Dad – I love this framed Dad questionnaire by Daffodil Design.

It’s also a good time to chronicle some Dad-related memories.  Use one of your child’s favorite storybooks to inspire a photo book about a dad or grandpa (or uncle or dad-like friend). A few years ago, I made Scott a photo book in the style of a book he always read to Ryan:

"I like it when you nap with me...and when I nap on you."

"I like it when you let me do weird things. I like it when you do weird things, too."

The kids and I had a blast reading this book yesterday. So glad I had these photos in here – I might never have remembered to tell Ryan about the day he tackled a mannequin in a little NYC kids boutique.

4. iDad?  For my iPhone obsessed Dad, we made him this birthday card a few years ago (and had it scanned onto a cake), with pictures of all his favorite real-life “apps” (my mom, the grandies, Snapple Diet Ras, Orange tic-tacs, Malbec)

And, once again, you can’t go wrong with this custom cell phone case from Case-Mate (not exactly homemade, but uploaded with love).

5.  Healthy Breakfasts For A Month:  To get lean, Pamela Nisevich Bede, M.S., R.D., sports nutrition expert for the Runner’s World Challenge says to rotate three high-fiber, whole-grain and low sugar breakfast meals. Make it easy for him by prepping oatmeal in mason jars, freezer egg muffins and granola for topping greek yogurt.

 Don’t want to make a thing? DON’T!!! Just make a plan, and make it about him.

Take him hiking. Send him golfing. Pick up sandwiches for a picnic.

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  1. Amy says:

    The ideas are all fabulous!!! I look forward to reading everyday. Thank you.

  2. Amy says:

    The ideas are fabulous…..thank you! I look forward to reading everyday!

  3. Annie says:

    Made the “All About My Daddy” for Father’s Day with the kids today. Such great ideas! Thank you!!


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    […] e ideas are all fabulous!!! I look forward to reading everyday. Thank you. […]

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