Halloween Lessons – Learned & Relearned

In an ordinary season, these lessons wouldn’t come in handy again until next year — but since so many affected by the storm have had to postpone Halloween (as we did last year), maybe its just in time for some…

#1: For the younger set, costumes should be easy, lightweight and feel like normal clothes.

I’m pretty sure I would have loved those prairie days because hand stitching (cannot figure out my new/old sewing machine) Noah’s Frosty the Snowman costume out of a $7.00 white fleece blanket made me crazy proud.

My kids are now requesting my “pants dance” because I ran around the house last week dancing and singing “I made pants. I made pants.”

I have no business writing a sewing tutorial — basically I made a pattern from a pair of PJ pants that fit Noah well, following these brilliant instructions from Simply Modern Mom (ok, prairie mom meets internet), but cheated  a little by using the blanket’s pretty edging as the pants bottom.  As for the snowman belly, I improv sewed some fleece to a white H&M kids tank top and added some stuffing in between and three big buttons.

So Noah was essentially wearing a fleece blanket as a costume. Who could complain?

Well, the hat was pretty annoying.

By the time actual Halloween arrived, he said he would only wear the pants (I made pants!! I made pants!!), not the belly or the hat. Thanks to pinterest, I could handle it and quickly hot glued some felt to make a new Frosty shirt – this time, hold the stuffing.

#2: Too much Halloween is simply too much Halloween.

Our Moms & More club hosts an unbelievable Halloween stroll through our town each year, with a parade and trick and treating on Main Street and beyond on the Saturday before the big day.

The kids love spotting their friends and so many cool and adorable costumes.  We love enjoying our adorable town, the nice shopkeepers and going out for lunch and margaritas with our friends (something we should do every Saturday but just don’t).

At this stage, the stroll is Halloween for our family.  After that, its pretty much just pumpkin carving and tooth decay.

Four days later – on Halloween itself – Ryan actually asked “Do I have to wear a costume?” for his kindergarten parade (he did and had a blast).  Then, we had a Halloween-themed birthday party after school, followed by actual trick-or-treating.

All individually wonderful and totally enjoyed, but complete overkill.  Halloween should come but once a year.  Once! My kids happily trick or treated around our block, but were home and sorting candy by 6:40 p.m.  After showers and watching “It’s a Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown” in our bed, the kids requested and gobbled up carrots, snap peas, peppers and dip before bed.  Veggies at bedtime? Too much Halloween.

#3: Target’s Dollar Bin rocks.

This you must already know, but very fun stuff this year — stamps, doormats, Halloweeen Bingo and Go Batty (Go Fish with mummies and vampires) cards and some signs that struck just the right note for Halloween fun (no blood, guts, bones or other ghastliness for me).

#4: This book should be sold with every pumpkin purchase in America.

We read this book all year in our house, but this year was the first time we counted our seeds along with the book.  Lots of counting (by twos, fives and tens) and so many good lessons for kids (sometimes a small pumpkin has tons of seeds).  You can buy it here for $5.99. or download the e-book  and check out some cool pumpkin facts here:

Apparently, each ridge on the outside of a pumpkin is a line of seeds on the inside. Ryan says there are 20 seed on each.       Our pumpkin had 27 ridges, 531 seeds. Pretty good math.

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  1. bonnie says:

    Adorable post! Thank you, Jodie.

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  4. Jessica says:

    Hi, could you provide details on how exactly you made the snowman belly? I’m trying to make my son an Olaf costume for Halloween. Thank you!


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