Halloween Lessons – Learned & Relearned

In an ordinary season, these lessons wouldn’t come in handy again until next year — but since so many affected by the storm have had to postpone Halloween (as we did last year), maybe its just in time for some…

#1: For the younger set, costumes should be easy, lightweight and feel like normal clothes.

I’m pretty sure I would have loved those prairie days because hand stitching (cannot figure out my new/old sewing machine) Noah’s Frosty the Snowman costume out of a $7.00 white fleece blanket made me crazy proud.

My kids are now requesting my “pants dance” because I ran around the house last week dancing and singing “I made pants. I made pants.”

I have no business writing a sewing tutorial — basically I made a pattern from a pair of PJ pants that fit Noah well, following these brilliant instructions from Simply Modern Mom (ok, prairie mom meets internet), but cheated  a little by using the blanket’s pretty edging as the pants bottom.  As for the snowman belly, I improv sewed some fleece to a white H&M kids tank top and added some stuffing in between and three big buttons.

So Noah was essentially wearing a fleece blanket as a costume. Who could complain?

Well, the hat was pretty annoying.

By the time actual Halloween arrived, he said he would only wear the pants (I made pants!! I made pants!!), not the belly or the hat. Thanks to pinterest, I could handle it and quickly hot glued some felt to make a new Frosty shirt – this time, hold the stuffing.

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