Snowman = Smile

I imagine we all need a few extra occasions to smile this week.

Does this cut it?

Snowman DIY

I’m finding snowmen pretty irresistible this season and we’ve barely had enough snow to patch one together.

I know you are busy.  There’s likely a lot of wrapping, cooking and possibly shopping still to do.  I promise I made this t-shirt in minutes on the way to a Halloween party when my Noah-turned-Frosty-the-Snowman decided he didn’t want to wear the big bellied costume I created.  It’s now part of his regular clothing rotation and always elicits lots of smiles (starting with Noah’s) and compliments (which inevitably makes me smile).

DIY Snowman Tee

The How-To…

  1. Find an old white t-shirt – old or new, short sleeve or long.
  2. Cut some round eyes and smile circles out of black felt, a black t-shirt or a black sock.  Cut some triangle noses out of orange felt or fabric (even a kitchen sponge might work).  Be creative if you don’t have felt or fabric on hand – markers or paint will work well…ideally you will use something permanent and machine washable.
  3. Let the kids arrange their snowman on a t-shirt and use a glue gun or fabric glue to adhere.  I just glued the short edge of the nose down so the rest could flap around a bit.
  4. Watch the smiles add up – starting with the wearer and spreading from there.

noah DIY

Check out my Winter Cute Pinterest board for more snowman adorableness… like an upside down snowman, snowman doughnuts and a Build-A-Snowman game.

And if you are making this shirt, you’ll need these lyrics.

Frosty Lyrics

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