Special Winter Storm Edition: Just Keep Shoveling

They weren’t wrong.

And it’s not just snowdrift.

Winter storm Nemo dumped a heck of a lot of snow on New England.  I was as giddy as a ten year old as I did responsible things like fill up on gas, batteries and groceries — and giddier still when my sister Kim and her husband Dean arrived on the last train out of Manhatten just in time to be snowed in with us.

Mid-blizzard, there was skiing in the backyard, courtesy of the dad/uncle Dean human chairlift.



Post-blizzard, lots of road closures (okay, the whole state is still closed) and lots of shoveling.  Neighbors pitched in, digging out driveway after driveway.  Sadly, I was excused from active duty on account of my bad ankle, so my sister and I were in charge of  feeding the kids and shovelers. 

Nemo Sticks

To make your own Nemo snacks, cut an apricot in half and stick a toothpick through it (this is your Nemo tail). Then add another apricot to the toothpick as the body.  Add stripes and an eye with your choice of frosting, cream cheese, yogurt, white chocolate and chocolate chips.  We used vanilla frosting and mini-chocolate chips – a total treat as good as candy.

nemo snacks

Another fishy hit of the storm: PBJ and cream cheese & jelly sushi!  Just trim the crusts off sandwich bread, flatten with a rolling pin, add toppings, roll up and slice.

sushi set up



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  1. You are so creative! Trying out the sushi snack tomorrow!

  2. Looks like you had a fun day! It sure was a lot of snow, but the kids are having a blast running around in all the, what I call, gerbil tunnels 🙂

  3. Papa says:

    Had some and they were great. Think I had the last one. Good work!

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