Away We Go – And You Can Too

Happily, we ditched the remains of the blizzard for some warmer weather and a family beach vacation.   I’ll share our adventures soon, but until then, here’s a trip you can take without leaving your house.

As I was busily packing our bags one day last week, the boys were noticeably quiet. Then Noah peeked in, told me Ryan was taking him to Puerto Rico and asked where he could find his suitcase.

Pretty sure they stole my creativity/pretend play worshipping heart.

plane set up

Two rows of seats (I was seated in the cushy green seats which I think is first class), a luggage compartment, some interesting passengers and even a beverage cart – stocked with items raided from the pantry.

plane collage

I have a few ziploc bags of themed pretend play props in a drawer in our toy room – one for playing restaurant, one for playing pirate and one for playing airport.  The airport bag has some photocopied boarding passes from old flights, some real baggage tags and forms from the airline ticket counters (you could make up your own), the cloud printouts (in photos above) and our Pilot’s hat and flying “wings.”


I probably will add some maps and travel brochures, and to boost the literacy value, some airport-like signs for restrooms, baggage and boarding areas.  Maybe we’ll even venture to make a cardboard box airplane like our pals at Homegrown Friends did recently.

I generally initiate this kind of play (or I used to when I had just the one kid), but look what happens when you pretend a few times and leave the kids with a few props?  This was one was all the boys. I could just sit back and enjoy the friendly skies.

Delicious to watch my boys ready themselves for our trip.  Even little brother got a turn in the pilot’s chair.

noah pilot

This was Ryan’s loudspeaker.


He made frequent announcements like this: “Hello passengers. This is your pilot speaking. We will be flying at one million feet today. Please relax and enjoy the flight. And drink a lot of chocolate milk and eat tons of applesauce and cereal bars.  It is the only time your mom will let you eat these things in the living room.”

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  1. Kim says:

    Love, love, love.

  2. Papa says:

    Maybe the pilot will let him fly the plane going home

  3. Love the packet idea for dramatic play! Looks like I have some weekend organization! Thanks 🙂

  4. bonnie says:

    The last time we travelled with your family I asked Noah if he was excited about the trip to The Bahamas. He smiled and said,”Yes. You can eat on the plane!” So, playing “plane” brings back yummy memories for him.

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