Tooth Fairy In The House

If you remember, Ryan’s big goal for his sixth year was to lose a tooth.  I am pleased to report that all his wiggling (plus a shovel to the mouth and a recent skiing wipeout) paid off.

I thought I was ready.

I had asked around about the going rate for a tooth (anywhere from a buck to –gasp– twenty for the very first).

I helped Ryan make a pillow (which led to both boys making pillow after pillow – sewing with boys is simple awesome).

Tooth pillow

We read this wonderful book by Robert McCloskey (Blueberries for Sal, Make Way for Ducklings).  So delightful to see Sal again; this time, on the day she loses her first tooth.  It’s a perfect read to soothe anxiety and answer questions about losing that first tooth.

Still, I wasn’t entirely prepared for this.

TF Note

To celebrate this big/small milestone, we went out for frozen yogurt. Before we left the house, Ryan penned his note to the good fairy (she might visit while we were out), asking if he could keep his tooth for “one more night.”  At the yogurt place, our neighbor shared how her girls were able to keep all their teeth, simply by asking nicely.  Within minutes of coming home, Ryan managed to white out the “one more night.”

Happily, T.F. obliged, leaving his tooth and:

tf response


Tooth Fairy envelope printable by Handmade Charlotte and kisses inspired by Maya Made.

Before breakfast, Ryan preemptively wrote this note for the occasion of his next fang falling out.

tf note 2

Front: Dear Tooth Fairy, Can I keep my tooth? I love you. Love, Ryan
Back: Keep your tooth clean. I love you Tooth Fairy. Love, Ryan

May the milestones continue to be this sweet and the parental responsibilities this simple.

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  1. Amy says:

    very cute and sorry! My daughter wants to know why the Tooth Fairy doesn’t leave her a note…..thanks!

  2. happyoutlook says:

    so very sweet

  3. This brings it all back, how utterly lovely.

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