Gigi’s Treasures

There’s been far too much carnage far too close to home.  Amid the horrors of this week – in Boston (and yesterday in Texas), its been a comforting distraction to be with my grandmother in Florida.  For sure, Gigi has seen her share of national and world tragedies since she left Poland in 1936 at age 12.

I’ve no idea how to make it to nearly 90 years old amid all the danger.  How do we keep our families safe?

I make lots of good choices for my families’  health and safety, many I share with you here — exactly NONE of which would have protected us from these tragedies. We traveled to Florida with scooters and helmets, sunscreen, vitamins and thermometers.  I cut Gigi off from pouring Crystal Light lemonade for my kids.  I made a face when I came back from the restaurant bathroom with one son to find Gigi feeding the other the contents of a jelly packet with a spoon (as if that was any worse than the chocolate chip pancakes I ordered them for lunch).

With all the dangers in our world, it seems the best we can do is live each day with spirit, love and enjoy each other fully, make some healthy choices and plan on a good tomorrow.



Oh, and if you can manage to be so stylish and spirited at 89 that your 35 year old granddaughter (me) AND your 17 year old great-granddaughter (my cousin from Arizona) are happy to help you “clean” out your closets, that’s pretty good too.  I picked up more cute new tops in Gigi’s closet that I’ve bought all year — and this striped dress too.


Thank you Grandma for showing me we’re never too old to shop in the Juniors’ department.  And for playing doctor, New Year’s Eve party and picnic with my boys this week.  We all love you so very much.

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