DIY Lego Travel Activity Box

I made the boys some lego activity boxes to surprise them with for our three hour drive to Legoland.

ll boxes

ryan box

I bought each an unfinished 8 by 8 wooden box with a clasp at Michaels.

After my mother in law and I poured through hundreds of legos trying to find enough of the same color to glue together to cover the box, I realized a bunch of my storage bins had large green baseplates inside them that are thin and flexible enough to cut with a scissor. I trimmed each base plate to cover the box, rounding out the corners.

Then I glued the plate to the box using E-6000 glue. I stamped the boys’ names on the wood and trimmed the boxes with some wash tape.

lego box

Legos get tucked inside, ideally in a pouch or bag that can be removed when you are ready to build.

This is Noah’s Squirrel Estate, complete with acorn anti-theft system (lower left), garage, veterinarian and fairy princess.

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