It’s Never Too Late: Last Minute Mother’s Day Crafts

The boys have been taking art classes with a wonderful teacher.  Each week, Tara introduces the kids to a different artist and they work on a project inspired by the artist’s work.  My house is covered in decorated soup cans (Warhol), painted collage (Chuck Close and Gustav Klimt) and sculpture.

After the kids filled a notebook with some Warhol-like drawings in marker, Tara created personalized notepads for each artist, using a scanned in image of one favorite drawing (for Ryan it was Spiderman shooting a long line of webbing).

The notepads seemed a perfect Mother’s Day gift.  You can work with artwork your child has already created, instead of “forcing” the creating in time for the holiday.  I love working with my kids on most gift projects, but it certainly moves things along to be able to crank a project out after their bedtime.  All you need: a scanner, printer, paper, glue and some of your child’s artwork.



1. Select a few of your child’s drawings and scan them into your computer.  Insert the scanned drawing into a Word document and resize the picture to fit.

Noah Bright

For Noah’s gifts, I used this pretty watercolor painting he made and faded the colors a bit to use as a background on every page.

ducks in a row

Ryan has been drawing lots of Mo Willems-esque ducks.                                                                                     He drew and cut these out of an 8.5 by 11 piece of paper and I scanned into a JPEG.

For smaller notepads, you can make columns to divide your page – 2 up, 4 up.  Select a fun font and type in the recipient’s name, a saying or a quote to the image.

notes together

I used a free graph paper template as a background for my mom’s full sheet notepad as she is building a new house and will be spending lots of hours planning the space.

3. Print (10-30 pages for binding) and cut to size.  We use a inexpensive sliding paper cutter, but if you don’t have one, you can use a scissor or borrow a paper cut from your local copy center.

4. At this point, you can leave the paper loose and have an adorable stationary set.

Image 8

If you wish to bind paper into a notepad, stack pages neatly, carefully lining up the tops.  Add a piece of cardboard to the back (I used nice patterned tab divider and file folders).  Add an extra sheet of paper to both front and back to keep glue off your pages as you work.  Then clip the sides together to hold in place.  I used waxed paper under the clips to avoid creasing.  Apply rubber cement (I’ve read gel glue or gorilla glue works well too) along the top, then clip along the top to hold together (or use heavy books).  Let dry a few minutes and repeat 5 or 6 times, until the pad stays together.

Image 2

Image 4

5. Package with a cute note, pretty pens, folders or other supplies.

Image 3

Wishing you a wonderful Mother’s Day and some peaceful time with your loved ones.

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