Anything Girls Can Do…

The boys’ camps finished on Friday so my counselor gig has officially begun. We’ve been getting through our Summer Bucket List  and finding fun everywhere.  I supplemented a little and dropped both kids off at Art Class with Tara (that’s the “A” on our list) yesterday.

“What are you going to do when we’re at art?” Noah asked.

“I’m going to get a pedicure so my toes will look nice for my friend’s wedding next weekend,” I answered, having gone through half the summer with lots of tennis blisters and not-so-pretty toes.

Ryan spoke up, “I thought we were going to go with you.”

You don’t need any more details of how this conversation went.  You already know I love them madly.  And that I’m a total sucker.  That is how I ended up in a nail salon on a hot July afternoon with two little boys.  The salon was not busy and kindly agreed to give the boys mini-mini-mini pedicures (a soak, lotion and polish) at a reduced fee.  I’ll let my iPhone tell the rest of the story.





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