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Best Products for Traveling (and Living) with Kids

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I was thrilled to make my first appearance on Better Connecticut this morning to share some baby gear that makes our lives a lot easier. Me, on TV! As some kind of parenting expert! Scary but totally exciting. So many wise parents have come before me — and thankfully, some have the ingenuity, persistence and energy to find solutions to everyday parenting problems.  I like gear and gadgets that make life easier, rather than just add clutter to the already cluttered-world of parenting, and these products all fit the bill.  Check out the products below and please enter the product giveaway while you are here.




In the Friendly Skies

Baby B’Air

Ninety percent of all injuries occur during flight, mainly due to turbulence.  The Baby B’Air is the only FAA-approved baby/toddler in-flight safety solution for lap-held children while traveling in an airplane.  The soft 100% cotton vest fits over baby and connects to the seat belt of the adult, safely securing the child in the parent’s lap.  $34.95,

Baby B'Air 1

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Keeping it Clean

Banda Bib

Most babies go through a drooling stage, soaking adorable outfits and irritating necks and chins.  The Banda Bib is a unique bandana shaped bib that fits closer and more comfortably to the chin than any other bib.  They are supersoft and less cumbersome than other bibs making it easy for baby to wear all day.  The stylish prints make them look more like a fashion accessory than a drool catcher.


The product’s tagline is “We Make Drool Cool.”

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Snacking on the Go

Snack Trap

This one has quickly become a classic in many homes.  The Snack Trap is a tip-resistant, handled toddler snack cup with a unique lid with slits that allows toddlers to see and retrieve food with ease themselves but automatically closes when the toddlers remove their hand.  BPA-free plastic and now in stainless steel too.


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