Halloween Costume Round Up: Royalty to Rainbow Loom

Three days to go and my family has already donned five Halloween costumes for three separate pre-Halloween festivities.  For a last minute girl like me, these early events mean that we are oddly, unusually ready for Halloween and I don’t have to wait until after the holiday to share our costumes with you.

ltm collage halloween

Pete the Cat:

Noah settled on Pete the Cat, one of his favorite book characters, for his Halloween costume.  If you don’t know Pete the Cat, check out the books, videos and songs here. I sewed ears and a tail to a blue super skin suit (which he wore backwards), then added four groovy buttons to his yellow raincoat.  He was such a cute and happy Pete at his buddy’s Halloween party last weekend that I had no idea he’d soon morph into an…


As Noah set aside my Pete creation for his brother’s old astronaut costume, I decided to go along with the costume change, keeping my cool much more than when he told me he wanted to trade in last year’s homemade Frosty the Snowman costume for a new one at our supermarket’s swap.

Blue Cat versus Foil Wrapped Space Explorer: we’ll see which costume will win out on Halloween night.

Prince William and Princess Kate

My husband often attracts attention as a Prince William lookalike.  No one has ever mistaken me for Princess Kate, but we ran with it for our friend’s awesome costume/birthday bash. We could have worked a bit harder on our hair color, but we accessorized instead.

Rainbow Loom

Ryan wanted to be a human Rainbow Loom, one of the hottest toys in America (and our house).



We’ve been working on this one for a few weeks.  First, Ryan took careful measurements of his loom, and together, we calculated proportionate measurements to his body.  We then created a prototype with cardboard and plastic cups as pegs.  This was an unplanned, but excellent, math and spatial exercise for both of us.

rainbow loom detail

To make wearing posterboard as comfortable as possible, we kept the dimensions small and used a 10 inch by 30 inch piece of gray posterboard, wrapped in Saran Wrap to give it a shiny plastic look.  Thanks to Dad’s meticulous measuring and cutting skills, the loom came together without much trouble.


Now this is a dad. A Friday night watching Shark Tank and making a Rainbow Loom.

Scott used a penknife and zipties to secure 10-ounce clear Solo cups to the posterboard, in the alternating one peg/2 peg pattern of the original loom.  Blue duct tape made the loom’s signature blue baseplates and doubled as straps to attach the loom to Ryan. Giant rubber bands from Staples and a cane-turned-loom hook finished the costume.

A testament to the loom’s popularity (and Scott’s brilliant workmanship), Ryan’s costume was recognizable to many (only one person asked if he was DNA).

A testament to the loom’s popularity (and Scott’s brilliant workmanship), Ryan’s costume was recognizable to many (only one person asked if he was DNA).

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  1. Julie Deneen says:

    You are one of the most creative moms I know…but I think you have out-done yourself with Ryan’s costume!!! So impressed!! I love it!!! Sure to bring big smiles to all who see him. Can’t wait to show A&C! xx Julie

  2. Amy says:

    Totally fabulous as always! I loved having the opportunity to read the blog today. Thanks for the smile.

  3. Jess says:

    You have seriously outdone yourself with the Rainbow Loom costume!!!!! Amazing.

  4. bonnie says:

    And the Halloween parade at Blueback Square and West Hartford Center onSaturday morning was estimated to have 3500-4000 participants with all of the local storeowners out front with lots of treats!

  5. Rachel says:

    This is amazing!!

  6. Papa John says:

    I walked with you guys and you turned many heads and people loved the costumes

  7. Caryn says:

    Megan LOVES Ryan’s rainbow loom costume and Noah’s Pete the Cat costume too. Two favorites in our home!

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