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Enough about kale.  Halloween is here, and with it, fantastically sugary and chocolate-y treats.  I mentioned last week how one talented mom’s Spooky Cupcakes (gorgeously decorated spiders, mummies and eyeballs) sold out in minutes at our school farmer’s market.


Think you have to be a meticulous decorator to achieve such Halloween excellence?  Not so.  My son Ryan, niece Emily and I went to Stew Leonard’s cupcake decorating class on Friday – and we’ve got all the details.

welcome sign


If we were making these at home, I’d probably use a variety or two of boxed cake mix and focus on the toppings for one or two different kinds of cupcakes.  Unless you have the whole day free and very patient kiddos, I’d bake the cupcakes ahead of time and let the kids have fun decorating, instead of watching their interest wane as they mix, bake and wait for the cupcakes to cool.  Stew’s had batches and batches of gorgeous cupcakes in red velvet, chocolate and vanilla all ready to go at our cooking class.

red velvet

Stew’s talented teaching team, Bokai, Jackie and Tyler were super organized with the decorating supplies and very clear with their step by step instructions to the children.  There’s a lot of frosting and candy involved when twenty-five kids are decorated cupcakes and these three were pros and keeping the class fun, productive and sanitary.

team stew's

They showed the class samples of the six cupcakes we would be making and promised the kids could take all six home in their own decorated box, much to the delight of my little chefs.

emry cakes

The Owl

Ingredients: Cupcake, chocolate frosting, two oreos, M&Ms

Directions: Top cupcake with frosting.   Split oreos in half and use creme side up with M&Ms for eyes. Add an extra M&M for the nose.


The Mummy

Ingredients: Cupcake, chocolate frosting, oreo cookie crumbs, giant marshmallow, M&Ms

Directions:  Top cupcake with frosting. Dip in a bowl of cookie crumbs. Make three slits in the jumbo marshmallow and fill with M&Ms to make eyes and a nose.



The Scarecrow

Ingredients: Cupcake, yellow frosting (vanilla frosting mixed with a little yellow food coloring), black and green gel icing, vanilla wafers, green M&Ms or Mike & Ike’s, candy corn

Directions: Top cupcake with frosting. Break off a third of a wafer and set the pieces atop the cupcake to look like a straw hat. Add green candy for eyes and candy corn for mouth.  Use the green icing to draw hair, black icing to draw mouth and center of eyes.


The Spider

Ingredients: Cupcake, vanilla frosting, black gel icing, plastic spider

Directions:  Top cupcake with frosting. Use gel to make a swirl, then using the end of a toothpick or skewer, scrape gel from outside of the swirl to center of the swirl, to give the spider web effect.  Add a plastic spider (not edible).

spider web

the spider

The Vampire

Ingredients:  Cupcake, purple frosting, black gel icing, marshmallow cut into small triangles

Directions: Top cupcake with frosting. Use gel to create hair, eyes and mouth.  Add triangle marshmallow fangs.

vamp decorating


The Eyeball

Ingredients: Cupcake, vanilla frosting, strawberry jam, green icing/frosting, M&Ms

Directions: Before frosting, scoop a small spoonful of cake from the center of the cupcake top.  Fill with jelly. Then frost.  Add jelly on top, along with green icing and M&M for eyeball.


There you have it! Six kid-decorated, Halloween-inspired cupcakes.


To be a little fancy, you could pick up these candy eyes, instead of the M&Ms.

Candy eyeballs by Wilton. Readily available at Michaels and most party and grocery stores.

Stew Leonard’s has a slew of cooking classes for kids of all ages at their New York and Connecticut locations. View the Stew Leonard’s class schedule here (for Newington, CT) and know that classes fill up fast!  Children five and older do not need an adult present in class (just in the store), so you can shop while they are in class.  The supervision, hands-on instruction and supplies provided were awesome.  My only suggestion: I’d love to see the kids get written recipes/instructions to take home so they can share the lesson with their families.

Check out some other Halloween favorites on the Love Them Madly Facebook page and click LIKE to stay current on all our creations.

Disclosure:  Stew Leonard’s provided me with a free kid’s cooking class to review.
I was under no obligation to
 review it, nor was I under any obligation to write a positive review.

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