Spooky Cupcakes — For Kids, By Kids

team stew's

They showed the class samples of the six cupcakes we would be making and promised the kids could take all six home in their own decorated box, much to the delight of my little chefs.

emry cakes

The Owl

Ingredients: Cupcake, chocolate frosting, two oreos, M&Ms

Directions: Top cupcake with frosting.   Split oreos in half and use creme side up with M&Ms for eyes. Add an extra M&M for the nose.


The Mummy

Ingredients: Cupcake, chocolate frosting, oreo cookie crumbs, giant marshmallow, M&Ms

Directions:  Top cupcake with frosting. Dip in a bowl of cookie crumbs. Make three slits in the jumbo marshmallow and fill with M&Ms to make eyes and a nose.



The Scarecrow

Ingredients: Cupcake, yellow frosting (vanilla frosting mixed with a little yellow food coloring), black and green gel icing, vanilla wafers, green M&Ms or Mike & Ike’s, candy corn

Directions: Top cupcake with frosting. Break off a third of a wafer and set the pieces atop the cupcake to look like a straw hat. Add green candy for eyes and candy corn for mouth.  Use the green icing to draw hair, black icing to draw mouth and center of eyes.

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