Spot It: Hanukkah Style

Ry noah cards


miracle card

Spot It Cards

You can print your own set of our Hanukkah game by downloading this file: Hanukah Spot It 2013.  As the PDF is formatted for Avery #22807 2-inch Round Labels, you can print on sticker labels and then adhere to pre-cut cardstock circles (we used a two inch hole puncher). If those supplies are unavailable, print onto cardstock and use scissors and a 2 inch circle guide to cut out.

Not Jewish? Try it anyway! We like Christmas Spot It and hope you’ll like our version too, including this Hanukkah Spot It Guide to the holiday symbols on our cards.  You can also check out Sesame Street’s Hanukkah story on YouTube.

Want to make your own Spot It version? You could have a Spot It themed about your child, your family, your town or a place you are traveling. It’s not a quick project, but it’s worthwhile and you can involve the kids in the creating.  Here’s how:

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