Cranberry Salsa – Spicing Up Thanksgiving

I’m going to Thanksgiving dinner and I’m bringing two pies, noodle pudding and a trunk full of Hanukkah presents. And, yeah, the pies are from the school pie sale and the noodle dish is from the market.   We did make some once in 78,000 years Thanksgivakkuh cookies (plain old cookies made extraordinary with chunks of gelt and autumn colored sprinkles).

Still, my homemade contributions felt a little skimpy.  I needed do something with a cranberry.  And cilantro.  Yes, cilantro. Ryan and I were smitten with Whole Foods Cranberry Salsa at their tasting event last week – this one may just become a holiday classic.  The appetizer was so popular that the chef ran out of recipe cards, but he jotted down the ingredients for us.


To prepare, pulse fresh cranberries in three separate batches in a blender, making sure to leave some larger chunks of cranberry.


On the last batch, add sliced green onions and cilantro, fresh shredded ginger, lemon juice and sugar.  Pulse, then mix remainder of cranberries in by hand.

Serve with crackers and cream cheese.  Voila. Instant holiday contribution — perfect for holiday parties from now through Valentine’s Day.


Now, let me get back to counting our blessings.

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  1. bonnie says:

    These were really good…and made a pretty Thanksgivakkah appetizer.


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