Brothermade: Trash to Treasure Sign

My parents are building a new house in Rhode Island.  The end result will be spectacular.  The building phase is equally impressive because my parents involve the boys in every step of the adventure.  Our latest trash to treasure creation (our new term is “brothermade” though it is a bit “mother-brothermade”) makes a great gift for siblings, grandparents, teachers and friends.





noah dirt

The boys have collected and brought home a lot of construction debris from our last few site visits – tire rubber, caution tape, dynamite wiring from demolition, nails, foundation stakes and more.  I am quite a junk collector but this kind of sharp and dirty trash had to be put to immediate use.  We covered a wooden board with chalkboard paint and the boys help me spell out our preferred name for the new house.  Somehow I think this name will stick.

PondHouse Sign square




grandies back

Don’t have a construction site to tool around at?  Any found treasure or hardware will do – and will get the kids involved in making a special personalized gift for the holidays.  Try spelling out a family name or nickname, a hometown or an inspiring word  – just like the SAS Interiors that inspired our sign.

The kids can help with every step except gluing the hardware to the board, as most of the glues are quite toxic (like We the 2 part epoxy I used).

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  1. Julie Deneen says:

    You are amazing J-!!!
    I love to read your blog and am constantly blown away by your creative thinking!!
    Your boys are sooo lucky to have you as their mom…I am sure all that you do with them in their youth will be an amazing foundation for their own creativity as they get older!!

  2. Debbie Satisky says:

    I love your blog. Your parents look amazing and The Pond House is sure to be spectacular! I hope you’ll post more pictures of the progress!

  3. Papa John says:

    We enjoyed every minute with them but had no ideas you guys were up to. The final product is unreal as usual. It will find a prominent place for it.

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