Brothermade: DIY Karate Belt Display


Other end of bungee with original staple removed and new staples hammered into                          wood board to secure bungee.

5. Noah helped me screw in a picture frame hanger and attach a wire.  This board works great for sunglasses and hats, scarves and jewelry too.

bungee hats

The gifting was adorable.  Noah worked hard decorating the gift box and could hardly wait to deliver it. Noah gifting to Ryan

The reciprocal gift was fantastic too.  Ryan and Scott made Noah a birdhouse, with a clear plexiglass back, using this tutorial. Once it is suction-cupped to our window, Ryan is hoping Noah can watch birds nesting from our living room.


I want my boys to always enjoy gift-giving like this.  Whether homemade or store bought, I hope they always take their time  and enjoy planning, shopping and creating something special for their loved ones.

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